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Business Resilience

Just like building stamina, Business Resilience requires deliberate preparedness

Business Resilience is an organization’s ability to withstand disruptive events while protecting its assets and achieving its goals.

It determines the business' disposition to adapt to a new environment and to confidently take strategic risks to create growth.

Building resilience drives constant improvements in all aspects of the organization including costs, revenues, people and reputation.


Even in the absence of disruptive events, this approach pays off because it makes the organization operationally healthy.

The challenges for most small and mid-size organizations include how to prioritize the time to develop a plan, where to start and how to keep it relevant over time with adequate efforts.


Colbert ERM can help you reduce uncertainty with a sound Business Resilience Plan

Our Business Resilience Planning process in 3 steps


Identify the risks and their impact on your organization with a Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis.

Gain a better understanding of the risks and interdependencies relating to your operations, suppliers, employees, key customers, IT and finances.


The results from the risk assessment and business impact analysis will provide the information needed to:

Formulate a fit-for-purpose action plan that will strengthen your current capabilities.

Develop a business continuity plan to prepare for any disruptions to the continuation of your services.


Maintain your business resilience plan by enriching it with up-to-date best practices, lessons learned or changes to your organization.

Our risk assessment methodology and business resilience guidance are based on standards issued by U.S. and international organizations including the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), U.S. Small Business Administration, American Red Cross.

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